A little about Kelly and Wayne Ogle


Both Kelly and Wayne were born and raised in Eagle Point, Oregon Area. They both went through the Eagle Point Schools. Eagle Point is now where they call their home. 

In 1993 Kelly and Wayne began to hang out after high school until late 1994 when their paths brought them to down different roads. Wayne moved to Colorado and later to Northern New Mexico and Kelly stayed in Oregon. 

Kelly lived in various places in Oregon but always found beautiful southern Oregon to be the place she longed to return too. Kelly spent many years working in various public service positions and various retail industries. She has over 25 years in customer service and is a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent. And is now the proud owner of The Legendary Horse Blanket Saddles and Tack

During Wayne's time in Colorado and New Mexico he went worked as an apprentice receiving a Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering with an Associates in Industrial Refrigeration. Wayne work in the oil fields and oil refinery's until December of 2017 when he was medically retired. 

Kelly and Wayne, have a blended family with Wayne brining four beautiful children into Kelly's life, after the two of them were married in the spring of 2007. Since that time they have been blessed with three additional Children. If you come into the store you might even see the younger kids from time to time.... 

The Ogle's look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you and your life experiences in the many years ahead.