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We would like to thank each of  you

For your continued support of the 40+ year legendary "Horse Blanket."

Over the years there have been many changes... Like all of life, some changes are for the good and some incredibly challenging. One thing that we have no doubt about is that; without each of you supporting the store, we would not be here. 


We would love to hear back from each of you and your suggestions on how we can help better serve each of you and your needs. 


So, please drop a comment or a suggestion and, if we can provide it, we will do our best. If we cannot apply your suggestion at this time, please know that it did not go unheard. We listen to all needs/suggestions because we may be able to use it in the future. 


Thanks again, ahead of time, for your suggestions and comments.  


~The Horse Blanket Staff ~ 

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