LMF Gentle Balance

LMF Gentle Balance

LMF Showtime is a textured feed that maximizes body and coat condition in show horses. Showtime has the added benefit of minimizing the excitable attitude that is common when grains are fed to horses. “Maximum condition, maximum calm” are terms which best describe LMF Showtime. Rice bran, beet pulp, yeast culture, vegetable oil, lysine, thiamine and other B-vitamins combined with a minimum of grain give horses fed LMF Showtime the advantage in the show ring. This feed is a perfect choice for all types of show horses and ponies.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum Condition
  • Maximum Calm
  • Low Sugar
  • 60% Of Calories from Fat and Highly Digestible Fiber
  • Moderate Fat (6%) to Enhance Skin and Hair Coat
  • Added Thiamine to Keep Horses Calm
  • Yeast Culture
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Bio-Available Trace Minerals
  • Textured Feed
  • Prices

    All feed prices fluctuate with the current market prices.