LMF Super Supplement -Alfalfa

LMF Super Supplement -Alfalfa

LMF Super Suppliment Alfalfa, LMF Super Supplement a complete horse supplement containing essential trace minerals and vitamins. LMF Super Supplement also contains balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to insure adequate intake and proper ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Super Supplement is the “low intake” LMF product.


Features & BenefitsA Complete Supplement For HorsesLow intake levels mean low calories, which makes this product very cost effectiveWill Balance Nutrient Deficiencies Common In The WestOmega 3 Fatty AcidsBio-Available Trace MineralsPalatable Pellets FIND A DEALERNEAR YOU ASK A NUTRITION QUESTIONABOUT THIS FEEDSpecial IngredientsFeeding InstructionsRegional FormulasChelated Organic Trace MineralsThese proteinated minerals allow for maximum absorption and retention by the horse. They are designed to match as closely as possible the naturally complexed trace element compounds found in forages and grains.100% Organic SeleniumOrganic Selenium is more bio-available than inorganic Selenium and is better retained in the body. This allows the horse to build nutrient reserves against periods of increased demand with less risk of toxicity.Added Amino AcidsAmino acids are the building blocks of protein. Think of the proteins as words and the amino acids as the letters that form the words. If an animal is trying to form a protein to build or repair tissue and an amino acid is missing, the protein cannot be formed. LMF feeds use high quality protein sources in all of our feeds.


Additionally, LMF feeds are supplemented with two of the most critical amino acids, Lysine and Methionine.Natural Vitamin ENatural Vitamin E, which comes from plant oils, is an important fat soluble vitamin that is not produced by the horse’s body. This vitamin must be obtained through external sources like forage, grain and supplements. Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant, helps keep the immune system strong, and helps the body use Vitamin K.Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty AcidsOmega fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids that are components of oils commonly added to horse diets. Omega 6 fatty acids are used in the body to help mediate inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acid is used to produce intermediaries that suppress inflammation. Both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are important in a horse’s diet for hoof health, reproductive success, allergy and immune conditions, respiratory conditions, and exercise recovery.

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